Project Homeless Connect Rochester

Homelessness in Rochester

is everybody’s problem.

Are you part of the solution?

Since 2009, PHCR has challenged us to take a look at who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going as a community and as individuals. We have so much to be proud of and so much yet to be accomplished- including helping those who are separated by homelessness to reconnect.


The Problem

The homeless struggle daily with the repercussions of unmet basic human needs for safety, food, stability and shelter. On any given night in the greater Rochester area, hundreds of people are living either on the streets or in temporary shelter.

Our Mission

The mission of Homeless Connect Rochester is to rally the city to support and create lasting solutions for at risk Rochesterians. We aim to bring together community volunteers to partner with the government, non-profits and the private sector to provide a one-stop shop of health and human services for Rochesterians facing homelessness.

Our Contribution

Connect people with critical services in a “one-stop” venue. We are bringing together a wide range of community agencies and professionals to provide individuals with access to health care, social services, legal advice, food, medical care and much more—all within a caring and safe environment.

It's time to get involved


Be apart of our 100% volunteer-driven annual event that helps connect people who are at risk with crucial services.

In-Kind Gifts

Donate your gently used coats, clothes and/or toiletries and learn about how you can set up a drive.


Donate money to help us get the resources we need to help the community.

              Shelter Comes in Many Forms. Please Lend Your Support.

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